Boronia Gardens Village gives relaxed lifestyle

Location and lifestyle are key factors in the recent success of Boronia Gardens Village, Albany.

“Boronia Gardens Village is a great place to downsize, and residents are finding that in doing so both their new lifestyle at the village is providing increased freedom and quality- of- life. The secure nature of the village means residents can hit the road and not have to worry about the safety of their home,” said Lifestyle Village Consultant, Lee- Anne Sugg.

“There is ample opportunity here for socialising and recreation. The Albany Aquatic and Leisure Centre is directly across the road, and we have morning teas on Wednesdays that anyone is welcome to attend”.

After moving from her Albany home of 11 years due to her garden being too large to manage, new resident Beryl May has found Boronia Gardens to be the perfect fit.

“I love living at Boronia Gardens because of its great community atmosphere. My home is very low maintenance, which is better for my health and gives me plenty of time to spend on my hobbies. I have made some friends since moving here and we all enjoy community activities such as morning teas and maintaining the vegetable garden,” said Beryl.

“It is also very close to the fantastic amenities Albany has to offer. My only regret is that I didn’t move into Boronia Gardens sooner because of the great lifestyle it has given me- life has never been better!”

Source: Have-A-Go News, October 2016