Testimonial – Trevor & Jean

Trevor and Jean are the latest addition to our Boronia Gardens community. Hear what they have to say about the Village:

“We decided that we would move while we could cope with shifting home. If we’d left it a few years later we probably  wouldn’t  be able to achieve that. We could see that things were getting harder for us at our last home where everything was on a larger scale. We also felt we wanted to come in where we had people around us that were more of our own age group.

“There’s a great community here – all the residents are very friendly and we have really appreciated being welcomed in here by them all.

“We didn’t appreciate how well-located Boronia Gardens was until we moved in. We have so many amenities on our doorstep, many within walking distance.    

“Regarding our house, we often sit around and ask ourselves what we could have done differently and really there’s virtually nothing – the big open living area is great  – we’ve been able to design a home to fit most of our existing furniture in, which would not have been the case if we moved into another village. We’ve had family here for Christmas and Birthdays, and we had 18 people spread around the living area and the Alfresco, which was brilliant.

“The veggie patch, hidden behind the garden shed is great, we are already looking forward to getting good use from it. 

“We can go on holiday whenever we like, knowing  that there are people around to keep an eye on our home and look after our garden.    

“If you’re thinking about moving to Boronia Gardens, do it sooner rather than later – don’t leave it until you’re past being unable to do the move yourself!”